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IndiaGro OLIF Super 16 500 ml

MRP: ₹1,300.00

CODE: IS15540 | G: 75

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Organic Liquid For Farmers (OLIF) Literature : The indiscriminate utilization of chemical substances, coupled with unsustainable farming practices such as soil erosion, overgrazing, monoculture, and imbalanced irrigation have significantly undermined the quality of soil and plant health. In response to this challenge, a multi-component agricultural input comprising seaweed extract, amino acids, and other naturally occurring compounds has been developed and standardized under the name "Organic Liquid Input Formula" (OLIF) to effectively rehabilitate and maintain soil and plant health. OLIF is a novel product for promoting crop growth and development and serves as a holistic solution for managing overall plant health. The underlying principle of OLIF revolves around achieving balanced physiological activities in crops through the use of natural ingredients. OLIF aids in improving both root and shoot development by facilitating the uptake of soil nutrients, while also increasing the water holding capacity and aeration of the soil. By enhancing the availability of essential plant minerals, OLIF promotes the development of flowers and fruits, and leads to improvements in the quality of produce and the development of immunity. Overall, the use of OLIF has been found to be an effective approach for rehabilitating and maintaining the health of soil and plants, resulting in improved agricultural outcomes.



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