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Elements Wellness CYCLOVA

MRP: ₹2,000.00

CODE: IS13956 | G: 75

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Elements Wellness Cyclova is a great solution for the management of PCOS. It is a novel product all-natural ayurvedic ingredients. This formula is backed by an experience of efficacy and safety of over 20 years by Ayurvedic physicians in India. It has natural ingredients like Kanchanara, Shigru, Guggul Suddh, Kasisa Suddha powder and many more. These natural actives are known to work on pituitary, thyroid and metabolism functions in addition to balancing hormonal functions and normalizing ovarian functions. Over 60% of women using this formula found benefit in about 6 months of usage. Needs to be used along with other lifestyle changes, diet changes, exercise demanded by the complex character of PCOD disorder. Use EWPL THY-Health in combination when required with Elements Wellness Phyt Stress and Elements Wellness Woman Companion. Dose - 1 capsule after food, morning and evening or as directed by the Physician. Follow dietary and other guidelines of the Physician.



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